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We are Wonnex a dedicated team from different strata of the society to help and initiate activities towards Women’s and Children’s Development Programs such as Beti Bachao Beti Padhao abhiyaan, Health and Hygiene, Education and Digital Literature, Skills Development, Environment and Renewable Energy and Research and Analysis of Services.

You have the Power to save the lives of individuals globally

The Founder

Fazal Rehman

I am Fazal Rehman from Jammu and Kashmir, India. I love people oriented outdoor welfare activities and ideas, I love to listen sufi music of RUMI etc. And. Reading of books. My ideal Person is my spiritual Guru Mian Bashir Ahmed Larvi Who is a recipient of “National Padm bhushan award”. I like sky blue color because when i see that i feels happy and silent. My favorite book is Leader with no title.

Wonnex is an National non governmental organization dedicated to Sustainable Development. The word “wonnex” is a combination of two words: “won” and “nex”. Together they mean a focused and clear purpose with a future perspective to garner strategic advantage by Social Progress, Protection of Environment, Prudent use of Natural Resources and Economic growth and Employment.

Our sole aim is to improve the lives of members of the community that we work with, thereby affecting the lives of individuals globally. We work tirelessly to develop strategies, designs and social cultures that will bring about positive differences in the world. We have a clear and focused purpose to empower individuals to take strategic advantage

With our innovative approach to issues, we are dedicated to taking actions that produce results in Education, Agriculture, ICT, Energy and Environment. We have a dedicated team working hand in hand with other leaders and community members. We hope to push sustainable development that will be about concrete and visible changes.

Woonex Aims And Objectives

Wonnex is an International Non-Governmental Organization Dedicated to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) either directly through its own projects or in partnership with Government and local NGOs.


To empower people that will be critical and innovative thinkers who will pursue societal self reliance and in turn build effective teams To ensure sustainable development in Education, Health, livelihood,Skills, Agriculture, Energy and the Environment To grow together with the individuals in the society, that will in turn create a societal growth.


Empowering individuals through training and innovative means Identifying and leveraging on the core competence of the community, to improve lives and strengthen societies, Adding value to the society by being a part of them, thereby ensuring that they individually and unanimously grow to greatness.


Our values are founded on the belief that for development to be effective, the credibility and integrity of the people driving the development is very important. We also believe that in the pursuit of self reliance and excellence, it is best to identify the core value of a society and work to enhance it, then it will be easy to build effective teams of individuals empowered to pursue self reliance and innovation.

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