Organic Farming

Organic farming yields such vital benefits as preservation of soil’s organic composition. Organic farmers utilize practices that maintain and improve fertility, soil structure , biodiversity and reduce erosion. Reduce the risks of human, animal and environmental exposure to toxic materials. Join Wonnex Organic Farming Programme. For sustainable Development : Click here

Wonnex Sports Club Project

Physical education and sports is a media through which integration process shall take place. The term integration consists of co-operation. Co-operation is an integrated action of individuals or groups towards the achievement of some common purpose or goal. Sports competitions, group competitions, inter-community sports contests, intramural sports competitions, special programmes in the schools and at …

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Project Revozehn Launches project “Revozehn” in order to bring revolution of change and learning through creativity, logic, knowledge and skills. Infact, its a next generation learning innitative. Nothing is important in this world except change and learning. The ultimate desire of anyone is only happiness which is possible by the absence of worries and problems. Life …

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When you hear organic farming, what comes to your mind? Do you think going back to the old and traditional method of doing things? The archaic method of farming that does not increase yield? Wait. Before you shut your mind out, organic farming is way beyond that. What organic farming does, is to select the …


Waste To Wealth Mission

One of the challenges of Urban India, is the waste that abound in the city. About 62 million tonnes of municipal waste is produced each year. Cities have an unpleasant look, as they are littered. But what is interesting, is the abundance of wealth that is embedded in this waste. Some of this waste, especially …

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