Project Revozehn Launches project “Revozehn” in order to bring revolution of change and learning through creativity, logic, knowledge and skills. Infact, its a next generation learning innitative. Nothing is important in this world except change and learning. The ultimate desire of anyone is only happiness which is possible by the absence of worries and problems. Life is all about overcoming problems and being happy means spreading happiness. Moreover, happiness is a practice that can comes through learning. The base foundation of happiness is being healthy, wealthy and wise. We at firmly believes that every individual of our society wants Health, Wealth and Wisdom. We found most of the problems and reasons of worries hover around these three areas of life. For Health, we think one need education not medication, wealth is the bye product of skills and diligence, Wisdom is determined by taking knowledge into action. So, Wonnex Org as a responsible sustainable development org. launches the project.

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