Waste To Wealth Mission

One of the challenges of Urban India, is the waste that abound in the city. About 62 million tonnes of municipal waste is produced each year. Cities have an unpleasant look, as they are littered. But what is interesting, is the abundance of wealth that is embedded in this waste.

Some of this waste, especially food waste, is gotten from homes, hotels, restaurants and households in different parts of the community. Farmers however are lacking fertilizers when the abundance of it is being wasted in forms of household waste.

Having food all year round is very important, and that is why wonnex.org is willing to work with members of the community to ensure that there is the availability of organic food all year round. Nature was designed in such a way to replenish itself, which means that food can be used to produce food. Wasting food is not one of the designs of nature and wonnex.org has taken it upon herself to ensure that the means to produce food using food waste is continued.

How Can I Be A Part Of Wonnex?

Wonnex.org is a people-centered organization that is interested in helping farmers produce more food organically using natural compost to do this. One of the ways that we have been able to do this, is by vermicompost. As an organic farmer, one of the major concerns is maintaining the fertility of the soil for a long time, yet not applying chemicals on the soil, as that in itself defeats the purpose of organic farming.

Vermicomposting is composting with worms. It is one of the easiest ways to get compost. It basically involves turning kitchen waste into rich dark earth that smells like rich soil filled with essential nutrients. The beautiful thing about vermicompost is that it is not only rich in nutrients, but also has microorganisms that create and maintain healthy soil for plants to thrive well.

You can be a part of wonnex by not just disposing of your food waste, but giving it to us so that we can vermicompost for farms to produce more food. Some of the benefits of vermicompost is that it is; very affordable, enriches the soil with microorganism, fixes sandy soils and also improves root growth and structure.

Wonnex.org is collecting food waste from restaurants, hotels, kitchens, and homes to make the environment clean, thereby producing healthy compost, through vermicompost, so that farmers can have easy access to organic fertilizers, which will, in turn, translate to affordable food in the market. Our goal is for us to grow together, improve the lives of farmers, ensure that food is available, and also make the environment clean.

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