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Physical education and sports is a media through which integration process shall take place. The term integration consists of co-operation. Co-operation is an integrated action of individuals or groups towards the achievement of some common purpose or goal. Sports competitions, group competitions, inter-community sports contests, intramural sports competitions, special programmes in the schools and at home play a predominant role in developing the concept of national integration. The spirit of brotherhood and friendship is fostered through games and sports. Ideas, actions, reactions, behaviours and human movements acquire a unity of colour and flavor at the sports field. The ideal of oneness springs up through play. Physical education and sports create the principle of give and take policy among the individuals. Education cannot be a happy affair unless the teachers and the students co-operate or integrate with one another. Similarly no game can be owned without the co-operation or integration of all the members of the team. It can be fairly said that physical education and national integration go hand in hand. Further, physical education and sports develop the basic components of integration such as co-operation, attitude, sympathy, friendliness, fellow feeling, willingness, respect to others, co-ordination, motivation, tolerance, trust-worthiness, integrity, oneness, and identification. Etymologically, the term integration means, “unify and made into one whole”.

Games and sports in the context of national integration absorbs elements such as cooperation, discipline, judicious use of leisure, competitive spirit, democratic values, socialization, culture, national spirit, ideal citizenship, cordial relationships, removal of social evils, employment and peace.

Integration of minorities is an indispensable social-political aim of governments and civil societies pursuing human rights and values and is substantial for a smoothly running, peaceful society. Social integration is a long lasting and very differentiated process of joining together and growing together. It needs: convergence, argumentation, communication, finding agreements, identification of differences, assumption of common responsibilities. In contrary to “Assimilation” (total conformity) “Integration” demands not to surrender own cultural identity. Integration is to keep independence, but to acknowledge the culture of the up taking country as a “guiding culture”. The existence and setting up of “parallel societies” is counteracting to the process of integration.

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